Monday, September 1, 2008

5 Questions About Football

In honor of the NFL season starting on Thursday I thought I’d compile my American football-related interviews in one post. I stand on the sidelines to cover a few minor-league teams in the Southern California area and have spoken to some others in the biz of football as well.

Southern California Breakers Football: This is the professional women’s team in the IWFL with a season that runs over the spring. I’ve talked to several in this organization. By the way, there are teams all over the US in this league. Check this link to find one in your area and then go to a game when the season starts. You’ll have a blast – trust me.

5 Questions With A Professional Football Lineman

5 Questions With A Running Back

5 Questions With Ocho Cinco

I spoke to Coach Bartley both at the beginning and the end of the season.

Tri-County Titans: Coach Manny Ojeda invited me to report on his other team, the Titans. Manny is an assistant to Breakers head coach Bartley. He was kind enough to do an interview just last week

The dedicated owner of the team, Linda Clarke, was my guest for 5 Questions With A Team Owner.

A shout-out to another fan: Nola Chick, of Chicks in the Huddle took a moment to be an interview guest recently. She is really in my thoughts this weekend as Gustav is churning over her hometown. Be safe, Shaneika.

Former NFL Sideline Reporter: One of my favorite interviews since I’ve been doing this has been 5 Questions With Lisa Guerrero.


Lindsay said...

Cool. I love when you do interviews. I would like to do more of that on my blog. I've been meaning to for awhile but haven't gotten going yet. I like how you organized them together in this post.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Thanks! Interviews are always a blast to do also!