Friday, September 26, 2008

Tales From The Inbox - Preposterous Edition

I got an email a few days ago and hadn’t really gave it much energy until I saw that Fat Louie at Women’s Sports Blog got the same one. The title was an unfortunate “Beat Your Boyfriend At Fantasy Football”. After I saw that WSB got it I made an assumption about what happened. Perhaps some marketing exec thought it would be a good idea to target all of the sports blogs written by women. Surely, even though they write a sports blog, they still care more about fashion and need some help. This is what the email said:

For most women, fall is a reminder of autumn leaves, putting away the white shoes, dusting off your boots and pulling out your sweaters. But for sports fanatics, it’s time for football mania!

Are you tired of listening to your boyfriend, brother or dad talk endlessly about fantasy football with no idea what they’re talking about? Then check out Yahoo’s Fantasy Football tips- step by step instructions on how to play fantasy football and even beat them at their favorite sport. Our Fantasy Football tips include:

• A fantasy football primer
• Team selection process
• How to track your players and team
• Fantasy football resources to keep you up-to-speed

Let Yahoo! Sports provide you with the necessary tools to play with the boys and talk some smack. Please let me know if you’re interested in using our Yahoo! Fantasy Football tips and I’d be happy to provide more information. Registration closes on October 17th, so register soon. Now, round up your girlfriends, have some fun and kick some butt!

So, let’s take this bit by bit and…first of all, aside from the boldly assuming subject, if you have read my blog you see in plain sight that I am in Los Angeles. I am not sure when we have autumn leaves in this part of the country nor are we big on when to wear white shoes or boots. In fact, I wear a lot of the same shoes year ‘round. Yeah, that is beside the point. The entire paragraph reeks of the notion that I must be concerned with what I am going to be wearing come fall above all else.

Next, my boyfriend, brother, and dad talk endlessly about Fantasy Football. Firstly, I don’t have a boyfriend but a husband. Secondly, this assumes that all men know football and this is the favorite sport of all men. In addition, it assumes that I don’t like or understand it.

Do I need to go on? Not really. I think you all get the point. The email was allegedly generated by a PR agency purportedly decorated with awards and honors. I had some fun with my response and pointed out how ironic that they would target someone who has written about Fantasy Football more than once. In addition, I asked if they knew what region of the country they sent the email to.

Of course, I haven’t heard back. I know I’m stinking up the place in one of my Fantasy Football leagues, but this is ridiculous. I guess I should start a fashion and entertainment blog
Thank you for bringing this back to the spotlight and making me rethink it, WSB.

How many other women who write sports blogs received this email?

By the way...
did anyone notice that Wild World of Wednesday was on Thursday this week?


Lindsay said...

I'm glad you responded the way you did and also posted the original email on your blog. I also read the WSB post about it. I'm pissed off and I didn't even get the email.

I hope that PR company is embarrassed. I don't think either of you mentioned what company sent it. Maybe you should.

Apryl DeLancey said...

They should be embarrassed! This is a great example of misguided ideas!

Doret said...

Why would they send this to female run sports blogs it makes no sense. Maybe they sent out the wrong one. And you can't play fantasy football if you know nothing about football. So those fantasy tips will be wasted. Though I must admit I do love boot season

Apryl DeLancey said...

I'm not sure but I'm using the example for something else to exemplify poor planning versus a more successful outreach from a PR firm that I received.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Unbelievable. I didn't get it... too bad, I would have used it for a post for BlogHer.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Feel free to syndicate mine! Spread the word!