Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wild World of Wednesday - September 25, 2008

NFL: So Matt Millen is gone from the Lions. That can’t be near as embarrassing as when he tried to rap when he was with the Raiders (see video above). Of course, Howie Long is pretty bad as well.

Besides that, the entire NFL is pretty darn wild! Who would have predicted that the Dolphins would beat the pants off of the Patriots at home? The Colts are also stinking up the place in their brand spankin’ new stadium.

MLB: So the Dodgers have the magic number of one. One game and they clinch the West. What they do with it afterward is likely not what we all wish for them but we can always hope.

Today in Sports History

1926 - The NHL grants franchises to the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings

1941 - The Brooklyn Dodgers win their first pennant in 21 years

Happy Birthday to: Bob McAdoo, Scottie Pippen, Matt Hasselbeck, and Rocco Baldelli


Doret said...

That Raiders clip was a hotmess. Why is it over 6 minutes and why did I watch the whole thing. My Mets are messing up again. I didn't even turn on sportscenter today. It hurts too much. And the sad part is I still believe. I must.
Did you hear Steinbrenner complaining about who gets into the playoffs. Suggesting if the top 8 teams went the Yankees would be in. He also pointed out the Yankees had a better record then the Dodgers. I am like dude shut the hell up, you have one of the highest salaries in baseball. You want to be in playoffs win more games. That is why I would never be a Yankee's fan they have this sense entitlement. Though my Mets are testing me, who am I kidding I'm not going anywhere. Steinbrenner and Cashman are going to run the Yankees into the ground.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Once you start watching that silly Raiders video, you just can't stop!

Yeah, George is just mad that he spent all that money and couldn't buy his way into the playoffs. They couldn't get past the Rays and Sox so that is their own fault!

Lindsay said...

Ha, I didn't even notice you did Wild World of Wednesday on Thursday until you pointed it out.

...I don't know what day it is.

Apryl DeLancey said...

This really cracked me up when I figured out what I about not knowing what day it is! I guess that means I am human!