Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stop Giving Me The Stink Eye

Open Letter To “You Know Who You Are At The Driving Range”:

Dear Fellow Golfer,

When I am waiting to use the stall that you are now occupying at the range I am doing just that - waiting. I am not scrutinizing your swing, evaluating your bag, or commenting on your apparel. In addition, I am not concerned with your handicap, income, or how far you can hit your driver.

While I am waiting for you to hit those last ten balls I am getting “in the zone”. I am stretching out and making sure I am loosened up. My lesson book might come out of the bag and I’ll read through my recent session notes. In addition, a game plan for what shots and parts of my swing I will be working on is going through my head.

I understand that golf is pretentious by nature to some. May I please remind you that golf is now a more ubiquitous sport with people from all walks of life enjoying the game? Golf manufacturers, companies, and facilities are starting to feel the pinch of a slower economy and need all of the participants they can get. Not everyone is a golf snob either.

Granted, I have not been playing since I was a child. I am a newer participant to the game as I spent my life playing other sports since golf was not accessible to me. I’ve come a long way in the few years I’ve played and am a socially acceptable golfer. In fact, I’m quite good at staying in the fairway off the tee.

Do me a favor - work on your game and mind your own business. Please stop giving me dirty looks. I’m not your enemy. I promise to keep focused on my game and continue to be agnostic about your performance. I’ll even stop writing rants about you.

Thank you.

Excuse me, I just had to vent. Do you ever get the cold shoulder at the course or other golf-related event for no reason?


Doret said...

nice vent, I am assuming that since they gave you the dirty eye, they weren't any good or were having a bad day.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah - I assume it is usually because of some shortcoming or a bad day and I get the brunt!

Lindsay said...

I haven't had this experience while golfing. I can't really think of a similar example except when I'm in the weight room. For the most part, people are generally aware of each other and try to be patient when someone is using a machine they want to use. When I see someone is obviously waiting, I try to hurry up and not stall any longer than necessary. But every once in awhile there is that person who takes like 15 minutes on one machine, waiting several minutes between reps and not caring about anyone else.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, I've seen similar in the gym as well. I always try to share and play nice.