Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Sports Wrap - September 7, 2008

Another Sunday and another exciting day of sports – let’s start with some that may be overlooked for the obvious:

Golf: Today marks the final day of the Omega European Masters, BMW Championship, and the Utah Championship. Golf nerds everywhere will be flipping the channels between the three since they are all televised today.

MLB: The Angels at the White Sox is likely the most exciting matchup. There are only two other games being televised nationally…I wonder why….

WNBA: One game nationally televised today – San Antonio at Connecticut. The Sun have won seven straight and sit atop the East and the Silver Stars are second in the West.

And…of course…everyone’s been waiting for it…

NFL: So I’ve been watching the new Fox pre-game show…Michael Strahan looks quite a bit thinner, Jillian Anderson finally realized that not everyone should bleach their hair, and Jimmy Johnson looks very spry. And they all still annoy me…I don’t know, I get tired of hearing the same thing. Strahan obviously didn’t read my ode to Tampa Bay post yesterday because he went on with the brazen statement that the Giants knew they would go into Tampa and win last year. Whatever. I guess you can be cocky now that you have a ring. They are all picking the Saints today and using the same logic as last year…none other than they feel sorry for the championship-starved Saints and refuse to give the Bucs credit. Oh, and now those wise guys are saying the Bucs are going to be worse than everyone expects this year…what!? Really!? How can they be any worse than you are already saying? They’ll be worse than the worst? Get it straight, guys…you’re sounding like a bunch of kids now…are you jealous of the warm weather or something? Yeah, I know, I’m getting fired up..

I’ll also have my eye on the 49ers vs. Cardinals game this afternoon to see if the Niners can actually have a team again. Of course, I’ll be flipping back to the Chargers game as well. They should take care of the Panthers with no problem. The Panthers always get too much credit for doing nothing. Of course, if they do lose they’ll use the excuse that they don’t have Steve Smith today.

Today in Sports History

1953 - Roy Campanella sets the Major League record for RBIs by a catcher when he smacks a three-run home run in a 6-3 Dodgers win over the Phillies.

1998 - Mark McGwire, who had become the third player in history to reach 60 home runs, hits his record-tying 61st against Cubs pitcher Mike Morgan.


Lindsay said...

I wish I got around to watching more WNBA games. They just aren't televised or promoted as much as the NBA. But, if I were a true fan I would make time to catch their games more often. Like with soccer, the games are on, they are just harder to find.

Then we have golf. No matter what time of day or night or what time of year, there is always golf on TV.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I'm guilty also - I definitely don't watch enough WNBA.