Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wild World of Wednesday – August 27, 2008

NFL Football: So there are new rules again this year. I get a bit frustrated with the rule changes every year…just play football. At any rate, I was watching the replay of the Raiders v. Cardinals game (again) and came across one such rule change (actually just a wording change). This has to do with that “football move” thing about possession. Okay, it was subjective to start with and now they’re totally leaving it up to the referee? Huh? Maybe I’m missing something here. Incidental face masks are no more, making them all a 15-yard penalty. This is a good thing because twisting someone’s neck around is never an optimal move. The forceout rule is gone and replay can be used on point-after and field goal attempts. Check out the rule changes, including the new defensive helmet radios, at this link. We'll see how long in to the season it takes to get something mixed up.

Oh yeah, and Michael Strahan is going to stay retired. You could tell some of the media were trying very hard to make this a bigger deal than it was. In fact, there is only one Brett Favre – something most of us were already aware of.

MLB Baseball: Speaking of rules, the MLB referees decided that they couldn’t possibly make a bad call and therefore do not need replay. Excuse me. They boycotted a conference call but to no avail. The new system will be implemented starting tomorrow at three stadiums and everywhere else on Friday. Good thing. Why on Earth would this be a bad idea? I personally like to have someone double-check my work. I don’t like to make mistakes. Whenever someone has asked me about a typo or misprint I re-check and make the correction happily. C’mon refs, embrace the learning experience and move on. Nobody is perfect!

Oh yeah, and speaking of baseball…the Rays are still on FIRE! Deal with it Northeastern teams. Bwahaha…they’re 3.5 games ahead of Boston and 9.5 games ahead of the Yankees. They still have some time to mess things up but have been solid all year.

Today in Sports History

1988 - Tommy Lasorda wins his 1,000th game as the manager for the Dodgers with a victory over Philadelphia 4-2.

1994 – The 94th US Golf Amateur Championship is won by Tiger Woods


Lindsay said...

What is their reason for not using replay? To save time?

Apryl DeLancey said...

I believe they had argued something about the integrity of the game and losing the human element...I can't be sure of the real reason, perhaps they don't like to be second-guessed or maybe they really are baseball traditionalists.