Friday, August 8, 2008

Brett Favre Top Five...

I was set to write a post about my five favorite Brett Favre moments or quotes and realized just how much everyone has beat the dead horse that is the Brett Favre story. I really can't believe I'm talking about Brett again, actually. After searching the web I found a plethora of Brett Favre top fives. Check these out:

ESPN’s John Clayton says here are five reasons Favre would start for the Packers. I guess those weren’t compelling reasons. He cites experience, pressure, squeaky wheel factor, salary, and a chip that is on Favre’s shoulder. I guess Brett decided it didn’t matter what shade of green it was he wore on the jersey.

Hungdizzle has a fun list of the top five reasons Brett should leave Green Bay. My favorite is the one about his jean shorts.

The Bleacher Report posted the top five reasons the Packers don’t need him. They make good points like age, interceptions, retirement carousel, and more. You have to remember one thing about those interceptions…there are a lot of touchdowns also. One of my silly inspirational thoughts when I was a freshman in college was John Elway’s stats. He threw a ridiculous amount of picks…but look at his accomplishments. I guess that’s my corny way of pointing out that in order to succeed you must fail quite a bit.

Mefeedia has video of what they call his top five career moments. I know YouTube has quite the collection of Favre vids also. A fun one to watch is this one where he gets goosed while talking to Goose. has the top five potential Brett Favre Headlines. My favorite is “Jets looking Favre better”. Sports radio today here in Los Angeles was still skeptical about the Jets even making it to the playoffs, even with Favre. Personally, I think he would have had a better chance in Tampa. He would have had a built-in fan base too – have you ever been there? It’s like Green Bay south. I had never fully experienced cheeseheads before I went to college in Florida.

NFL Gridiron Gab plays both sides of the fence and give the five reasons he should retire and the five that he should come back. has a post from last year that gives seven of the most ridiculous things others have said about Favre. They are all pretty funny and Chris Berman is on the list more than once!

Check out this video collection of funny Brett sound bytes while you’re at it.

I’ll bet John Madden can’t wait to get to New York!


hungdizzle said...

Hey Apryl thanks for the blog mention.

Apryl DeLancey said...

You are quite welcome - great post!

Lindsay said...

It's hard to escape all the drama, isn't it? Even nonsports people know what's going on.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Totally - it seems like he is the only player in the NFL right now!