Saturday, August 9, 2008

Are You Watching The Olympics?

I’m such a sports nerd. I woke up this morning to Olympic coverage and couldn’t be happier! First up was beach volleyball with Australia vs. Russia. The Australian women pulled out the victory after both teams looked quite spent. Next, weightlifting! Wow, these were some truly amazing women that were in remarkable shape. The gold medal went to Xiexia Chen of China, Sibel Ozkan of Turkey took the silver, and Wei-Ling Chen took the bronze in the 48kg class. Just watching them motivates me to stay in shape! Not that I would be out there powerlifting…

At any rate…I found some great sources for Olympic coverage. In addition to Christine Brennan’s blog that I mentioned the other day, try these:

Get news on the Irish Team from John Kenny’s blog. Catch up on the team from India on this blog link.

Check the Beijing Olympics Blog for general resources and information.

Of course, the New York Times has a blog, as does the BBC. ESPN has complete coverage as well…no kidding. NBC has a comprehensive source as well as information for television listings here in the states.

What are your favorite sources for Olympic news?


Lindsay said...

I'm going to the bar tonight to watch gymnastics and swimming! I can't wait! I actually just don't pay attention to a lot of the scores available online. I just watch everything on TV, unless I miss something.

Don said...


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Apryl DeLancey said...

Lyndsay, gymnastics and swimming are great! Those events are always in my tops to watch.

Don, great site! I like it! You even talk about the Paralympic Games!