Saturday, August 23, 2008

5 Reasons I Love The Olympics

The 2008 Olympics are almost over and I’m quite sad to see them go. I really do wish we could have them more often…but I guess that would water down the excitement a bit. Anyways, here are five of the reasons that I love the Olympics:

The Sports: This is the time we get to see serious competitors in badminton, ping pong, synchronized diving, and a plethora of other sports that never get much attention. The Olympics is the pinnacle for many of these sports. The world gets to see that someone who participates in these events and realize what is meant by dedication, perseverance, and athleticism.

The Athletes: Dara Torres at 41, Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor both over 30, and many others show that you don’t need to be 18 to compete. I really admire all of these folks who prove to us that just because you reach a certain age it does not mean you have a license to give up. Too many times I see people just over 30 who think they shouldn’t even try anymore. Guess what? Thirty and forty are not “old” anymore. There is no excuse to be out of shape.

The Culture: We get exposed to people and places that we never would have otherwise. Over the course of the Games I’ve noticed others becoming more aware of different countries and people. We get a geography lesson and realize just how small our world is.

The Camaraderie: People from different walks of like support each other. We watch the USA athletes go to the different events and support their teammates. People are brought together that otherwise may not have crossed paths. In addition, athletes from different nations will embrace and understand each other in ways not otherwise possible.

The Unity: The world really is watching. I had a conversation with a colleague that is close to my parents’ age about how she is staying up late every night to watch. This is someone I would have never suspected as being a sports fan. For some magical reason, the Olympics bring this out in nearly everyone. Also, many who don’t normally socialize nor have anything in common come together to root for their country. It’s like that point in history where the whole country was united for that moment when the USA Hockey Team had their spotlight. Not often do so many people in this country agree on one thing. When the Olympics are going on, we can feel like we really are the United States.

Why do you love the Olympics?


Lindsay said...

One of my favorite things is also watching older athletes (older as in they are not 18) compete and win! All three of the women you mentioned are role models for me and so many others.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, the remarkable athletes that are "getting up there" in sports years have been phenomenal!