Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Sports Wrap - August 10, 2008

Today I decided to do this post in the opposite manner that I usually do. Instead of giving a preview of what was to come for the day in the world of sports I will recap a bit of what went on. There was quite a bit to keep up with today...

Olympics: The United States and China both have eight medals so far and South Korea has five. China leads in the gold with six medals. The US men's soccer team looks very competitive so far. They almost held off the Netherlands but ended up with a 2-2 tie. They play against Nigeria on Wednesday next. Women's soccer is having a bit of a struggle at the games so far. Don't forget to catch some of the less-hyped sports at the Games like badminton, taekwondo, and table tennis. I discovered that Yahoo! Sports has a very user-friendly site for Olympics coverage also.

: The Countrywide Classic ended today with Juan Martin del Potro defeating Andy Roddick. Roddick made no excuses for his loss and praised the 19-year-old from Argentina.

Premier League
: Manchester United defeated Portsmouth to win the FA Community Shield. The 3-1 victory came down to penalty kicks.

NFL: The NFL preseason is in full swing with seven games today. I've learned over time that making any sort of speculation about teams during the preseason is a waste of time. The predictions are usually the same and there is always a "sleeper" player/team that makes those predictions useless.

Golf: Padraig Harrington claimed the victory at the 90th PGA Championship today.

Today in Sports History

1988 - Matt Biondi swims for the world record in 100m free style at 48.42 sec

1997 - Vijay Singh wins the Buick Open at Warwick Hills

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