Friday, August 22, 2008

My Fantasy Football Season and Cuzoogle’s Pigskin Picks

Well, it’s that time again…the NFL season means Fantasy Football and pick ‘em contests. I’ve got a few more brewing than I originally intended. If I didn’t have to actually work and make a living I would have joined a few more Fantasy leagues. Well, I would golf and surf a lot more also…

I’m in one league with a bunch of colleagues that was supposed to start last night but something odd happened. All of a sudden we had an odd number and no one could agree on live or autodraft. I got roped into another one as a partner of a team with almost the same group. The commissioner of the second league informed me that he would not be using his powers for good. Nice. It should be a good time in spite of that. I’m also giving the site Pay The Fan a try this year. They have fun giveaways like a motorized cooler that you can enter to win without even playing. Talk about a conversation piece while you’re tailgating…

One of the other fun things I’m doing this yeas is competing in Cuzoogle's NFL Pigskin Picks challenge. Each week the participants pick the winners of the NFL games for that week. The blog that picks the most wins will get their 125x125 ad placed on the front page of Cuzoogle each week for the whole NFL season. At the end of the season the overall winner will get a cash prize and their 125x125 ad placed on the front page for the duration of the NFL postseason.

I plan on winning since the others will probably underestimate me. I’ll skip out on the trash talking and sneak up on ‘em! Bwahaha…

Here are the other blogs in the competition - be forewarned that a few are not exactly G-rated.

Blogs (in no particular order)

Yep Yep
The Sports Dungeon
Waiting for Next Year
The Sports Lounge
Tailgating Ideas
NESW Sports
The Blue Workhorse
My Sports Rumors
Inside Plays
Juiced Sports Blog
Buzz Pirates
Busted Coverage
The Chocolate Dog Blog
NE Patriots Draft
The Sports Dollar
Don Chavez
Banned in Hollywood
Mac Gs World
Macho Chip
Zoner Sports
Sports Opinion

What are you doing this year? How many leagues or pick contests are you playing?


Vee said...

Thanks for your suggestions for my dog Jake!
The treats/tennis ball have worked pretty well so far.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I'm so glad! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I am in something like 10 leagues for the NFL and two in the college game. Can not wait to get the drafts all done!


Apryl DeLancey said...

Wow! I couldn't possibly do that many - I need time to go to the practice range and work on my golf game among other things!