Thursday, August 21, 2008

Football Blogspotting

With the NFL and Premier League starting up I thought we’d do some football blogspotting. I mean all football, futebol, and futbol in every form that you can think of. I've pointed out before that if you're only interested in the American variety you are missing out. Think about it...the entire planet is completely taken by the soccer variety. There certainly has to be something to that.

Dave’s Football Blog inspired me to create this edition of blogspotting. This site covers NFL, soccer, rugby, and forms of “football” you probably didn’t realize existed. Go through the pages and there is a description of what he calls the six most popular forms of football on the planet (Association, American, Australian, Rugby, Canadian, and Gaelic). Give it a look!

While you’re at it, hop over and see what Georgina is up to at For Girls Who Can’t Do Football and then go to FOOTBALL: Just Love The Game. These both cover the Euro action far better than I do! FC Football Blog also covers the European teams and has really cool highlight videos and I should give a shout to Football Videos and Pictures on that same note.

In The Bleachers has your NCAA College Football blog coverage. You can also check out their podcasts.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you want a ton of news about futebol all over the planet then you must check out A Futebol Fan. I’ve not seen a blog that covers nearly every bit of the happenings like this one does.

I can’t mention football blogs without pointing you to some of my favorite NFL teams. Here’s and Raiders blog, a 49ers blog, a Chargers blog, and of course…a Bucs blog! Draft Day Suit covers much of the NFL world as well. Speaking of NFL team blogs, check out Lombardi Ave…for guess what team…

Speaking of favorites…I came across this interesting blog for Manchester United and this one.

(What’s that? How could I be a Man U fan? Simple…if you’ve been paying attention you know that I did my undergrad in Tampa and followed the Bucs while there. Anyhoo, the Glazers own the Bucs…and they bought Man U a few years ago. Poof! That is how I chose which team to follow since I have no other justification to jump on any other bandwagons. But…I must admit…I watch Chelsea and Arsenal and then hop over to Real Madrid and AC Milan...oh yeah, and I get South American games with my satellite… If you didn’t believe that I had sports ADD before then you must now…)

You can follow ex-Man U star David Beckham and the Los Angeles Galaxy here at The Offside. I also found MLS Fan Blog that covers the rest of the league.

Of course, I have to remind everyone that I give you Southern California Minor League football right here. Although the Southern California Breakers season is over for now, use the search bar to find coverage of this awesome women's professional team. Women's Football Talk also has coverage of the IWFL and NWFA leagues and does a weekly radio show with people in the sport. I also bring you the TC Titans who are in the midst of their season now.

At any rate…tell me what your favorite football blog is. I mean any form of football. Tell me about some that are not in this post or on my blogroll.


Lindsay said...

Well, I'm not much of a football fan. I haven't been paying attention to any of the preseason stuff. However, I did consider signing up for a local flag football team.

Apryl DeLancey said...

It's hard to pay attention to the preseason. I've just been keeping an eye out for Fantasy Football but otherwise not so much.

Make sure you tell us all about it if you play flag football this year!