Monday, August 4, 2008

5 Questions From Other Places

I knew that I didn't make up the whole "5 Questions" idea. In fact, I'm not really sure where I heard about it first. The format has been around for some time. I decided to give myself a break today and check out other five questions-type interviews around the sports world. After searching far and wide, these are what I found – an interesting variety:

The New York Post ran an interview consisting of five questions last month with Bob Papa. Bob is known for being the radio voice of the New York Giants and was recently added to the NFL Network’s lineup. Check him out here.

OC Varsity covers everything high school sports in Orange County, California. Back in May, they interviewed a rising football star. Check out Ronnie Hillman, running back for La Habra here.

And keeping with football… ran an interview with national football recruiting analyst for CSTV Tom Lemming.

In an interview from September of 2007, the Biz of Baseball spoke to Rob Neyer. Rob is a senior baseball writer for

Another sports reporter, Steve Marantz was interviewed earlier this year. He’s written for the likes of the Boston Globe, The Sporting News, and a book about Sugar Ray Leonard.

Here's a bit of a different take on the format with 5 Questions Going Into Rams Training Camp from STL Today. In the same vein at the college level is 5 Questions Facing Clemson Football from

In another twist - this one is five questions that you must answer in one minute or less in order to determine how much of a Red Sox fan you are.


Lindsay said...

I did not do well on the Red Sox quiz.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I didn't do so well either and I'm ok with that! Give me a Dodgers quiz on the other hand...