Friday, August 15, 2008

Golf Blogspotting

Since I’m off to the desert for a round I figured we’d do some golf blogspotting today. I know – the desert is hot. That’s the point! Anyhoo, read about the game from these golf fanatics: has a review of a retro golf book that looks like a fun read. “Don’t’s For Golfers” was first published in 1925 and talks about long gone nuances of the game.

The Grouchy Golf Blog describes itself as being written by a golfer who loves and hates golf nearly the same amount. There’s a section at the top for “Latest and Best Golf Deals” and plenty of interesting content.

Armchair Golf Blog has a riveting interview with and avid Tiger Woods fan about Numero Uno’s absence.

Hireko Golf Blog claims to be the friendliest place for golf blogging and has a post about the 70/30 rule. Basically, 70% of your shots come from 30% of your clubs.

The Golf Doctor shares a story from The Lighter Side of Golf on CNN/SI that claims Morgan Freeman was concerned about his golf swing after his recent accident. I’m thinking I would be worrying about that and my balance for board sports.

Average Golfer discusses who should be number two in golf. Mickelson? Harrington? Read the argument.

Golf in the Olympics? Discuss the possibility on Nicks Golf Palace.

If you’re interested in course design be sure to check out The Golf Course As Art.

In Golf We Trust found a nifty golf-related photo to share.

Don’t forget to check out Bag Chatter at GolfWRX…of course I’m biased toward that one…if you’re a total nut go to their forums and discuss everything golf with the rest of the golf obsessed.

Wish me luck today! My swing is getting back into the groove after an injury setback. I’m investing in a few more lessons to get back on track and I’m totally focused and committed on the practice range. I have a specific goal to be more than just socially acceptable and get my handicap index to a very respectable place by next summer. I’ll talk about it more as I get things into gear.

What’s your favorite golf blog or golf-related news source?


Lindsay said...

If archery is in the Olympics, golf should be too. Then again, it probably comes down to how many countries actually participate in the sport. I hope rugby will be back in the Olympics sometime soon.

EboRâguebi said...

Congratulations, by the American performance in the Games Olimpícos

Luis (Ebo)

Apryl DeLancey said...

Lindsay - That would be very cool if rugby was back in!

Luis - Thank you! I'm glad you stopped by!