Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wild World of Wednesday - June 2, 2010

Cover HWC: Are you media and will be in Rio during September 19-26? The Homeless World Cup has sent out the notice to apply for accreditation today. Check the details here.

Sadly, I won't be able to make it to the event this year but I hope to make it one year very soon. If you are lucky enough to attend make sure you take a plethora of pictures and send me the link to where you have them.

Surfrider Spring Cleaning:
For a limited time when you join, renew your membership, or make an extra donation the Surfrider Foundation you can get an extra gift. Click here for details.

Do Surfers Use Social Media (and Other Musings)? There are more surf meet-up groups and social networks popping up all the time. I just wonder how many surfers really use social media and how effective they are? Sure, more and more are and I can tell. I've been a part of 5 groups so far over the past three years but 2 have shut down for lack of activity. What would it take to engage this crowd? From what I know there hasn't been any one source that has done so with any huge success. Facebook groups seem to be leading the way but even these have limited effectiveness, depending on the concept.

I was pondering this because I've just joined a new women's surfing group in my area. I'm hoping to make new friends to join me during sessions. I've never really been a solitary surfer ever since I've started. For me, it's always more fun if you've got a friend or two with you to cheer you on and laugh at you when you have a spectacular wipeout!

Oh, and yes golfing friends - I'm joining a women's golfing group also to work on my game. Everything is more fun when you have more friends to share with. I feel that playing with my former minor league pitcher hubby and 6'5" cousin aren't helping to advance my game lately. I've met a wonderful group of ladies recently and hope to get some fun and encouraging rounds going. Wish me luck with that and with finding some surf sisters.


Lindsay said...

That women's golfing group sounds like fun! That should really help you improve your game.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I really hope so - I'm going out with a new group this week. Of course, I'll be writing about it as well.