Thursday, June 17, 2010

On Hiatus - Back The Week Of July 5

As I mentioned earlier this week, I will be on hiatus from writing the blog for a bit. I plan to return the week of July 5th but am not sure if I will return that day or the next but it will be that week.

I'll be working the day job all next week but fitting in quite a bit of activity. The following week I will be completely unplugged from the day job. If you know me on Twitter or Facebook I am not sure how much of those I will be using either. I'm really trying to do somewhat of a technology detox.

It all started when I finally dropped my BlackBerry Storm too many times. I had dropped the poor thing twice last summer in one night on the concrete floor of the Staples Center. When I dropped it from about 5 feet onto concrete a few weeks ago that was the final straw. The screen was finally toast and I could barely make a phone call. For now, I've transferred back to my HTC Touch Pro. Using this phone is a true exercise in patience and I really, really hate it very much. However, having to go to Verizon and get a new phone sounds about as delightful as being stuck in the dentist's waiting room. I might actually get a new phone over the next two weeks. I might not.

At any rate, not having a phone that was great with social media capabilities has really caused me to relax. I thought I would feel lost but I actually have quite the opposite feeling. It's quite freeing.

What I will be doing on my break is as many outdoor activities that I can possibly fit in. I'll be going to at least two surfboard demo days, one each from my favorite surf shops; Rider Shack and ZJ Boarding House. There's also International Surfing Day and Hands Across The Sand that I will be attending. On top of that I am going to check out a 6:00 am workout meetup group that meets on the beach. I'll also be hitting my two favorite 9 hole courses to work on my short game (Penmar and The Lakes).

Of course, I'll be fitting in time to sleep in late, be lazy here and there, and have some tasty Belgian beer.

Have a great remainder of June everyone! See you soon!


Heather Jones said...

Good for you Apryl! Sounds like wonderful downtime. I'm trying to do some tech detox too.

Lindsay said...

I'm taking a break from work this week and boy is it relaxing. I can take my time and go out and do things outside with my boyfriend, friends and my dog.