Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's June, How Is Your Fitness Plan?

At the beginning of this year I decided to commit to making a real change to my diet and exercise routine. I stopped adding salt to my food and started making sure that I had freshly made juice (with my own juicer) every morning, for example. I have also changed up my exercise routine a number of ways by trying new activities and different combinations of activities. I have also made the effort to stick to physical therapy, acupuncture, and all prescribed treatments to heal an old injury.

Here in my sixth month of this new lifestyle I am amazed at the results so far. Really!

For starters, my endurance is amazing. Yes, I've bragged about this before but I am incredibly amazed. I really credit what I eat and my health practitioners tend to agree. The way I eat is very simple, I make my meals with fresh ingredients that I can see and never add salt, sugar, or other processed flavors. Nothing that I eat comes from a box or a bag or is pre-made if I can help it.

I have so much energy that I barely drink caffeine any more. I used to drink 2-4 cups of coffee every morning. Now, I finish maybe 1/2 a cup and I'm good.

My hard work was evident when I spent 3 hours in the water on Saturday. We paddled up and down a particular spot trying to get a good spot and I never really got winded. Back in January I would have been incredibly short of breath and feel like I was going to pass out after just a short time.

Not anymore!

How's your fitness plan coming along?

* As always, I'm not paid to be a "fitness expert" or anything like that. You should really research and do what is right for you!

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