Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Love That World Cup Advertising

I'm an absolute nut about the World Cup every time it comes around. Seriously, I really am a huge fan. The games have me so enthralled that the vuvuzelas don't even bother me.

Team USA is my choice, of course, and I can't stop ribbing my English friends about their goalie and The Hand of Clod that allowed the US to have a draw in the first match. My favorite trash talk is that Green can always move here to Los Angeles and become a model since he's not a bad looking fellow. (I know, pretty rude for me to say!)

The advertising for the event has been almost as exciting as watching the action on the field. My ultimate favorite is full version of Nike's Write The Future. Brilliant advertising from them as always. If you haven't seen it and you know your international soccer/football stars then prepare to be blown away. Pay special attention to the bits with Wayne Rooney - love it!

Not to be totally outdone by the competition is the Star Wars Cantina from adidas. Even David Beckham's appearance at the end doesn't ruin the fun.

Advertising Age just covered this topic in the last few days and listed five of the most watched of the World Cup advertisements so far. If you aren't totally pumped up to watch the games after these then you just aren't a fan.

That said - I still just don't understand why the sport isn't more popular in the US. I mean really, the WHOLE WORLD is enamored so clearly we must be missing something here.


Mike said...

Then you absolutely have to go to YouTube and search "lego world cup 2010" for the Lego version of England vs USA. It's a hoot!

Apryl DeLancey said...

Oh yeah, I heard about that one - off to check it out now!