Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wild World of Wednesday Is Wild Whether You Wish or Want

Yeah so the title doesn't make sense. It really doesn't matter, does it? I just have a few random bits today:

Vote For Kaci: From the Women Talk Sports group: "We're very proud that one of our interns, Kaci Kust,was selected to move to the next round of voting to be the next Nike Field Reporter!! She needs our help. Please visit this site, go to page 4 or 5 (look for Kaci Kust in the title), watch the video, give her 5 stars, and comment!!"

To Network or Not: I'm testing out the idea of joining a networking group. This one is centered around golf and business in my local area. Anyone have any thoughts on network groups? This is the type that you pay monthly dues for. Dues in this group includes group instruction on the range twice a month as well as breakfast. Let me know what you think!

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