Friday, May 28, 2010

Enjoy Your Weekend -- Really Enjoy It!

It's a half day today and then a three day weekend for me! Hooray! The only plans I really have are that I will hit my favorite surf shop to check out what's new and introduce my little niece to the surfing. big plans!

Lately I've taken a lot of mental time off...really just trying to chill! In addition, I've really made an effort this year to learn to say no. I figured out that trying to improve my health and fitness really includes taking a break. I don't need to be an overachiever...well, I don't need to be so obsessive about it.

Really, in the end, does it make sense to have worked around the clock? Shouldn't you take time to stop and smell the roses?

Yes, I understand that times are tough - they are no picnic for me either. I feel that we should especially relax and appreciate everything around us now. It doesn't cost anything to sit back and relax for a moment. Revel in something that makes you smile. Enjoy the sound of the birds chirping or even the constant hum of traffic (it is really mesmerizing if you let it be, as crazy as that sounds).

Seriously, relax. Take a moment to appreciate something today.

Have a great weekend!

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