Monday, May 10, 2010

5 Basketball Tidbits

Basketball Camp! I got the above video and message to spread around from Chantelle Anderson - read and forward please:

I need your help! I'm trying to get the word out about my first official basketball camp. It will be held in San Antonio, TX on May 29th and 30th, for girls grades 7-12. It will feature skills training from me and other pro-level trainers, life skills by my new mentoring program, Classy Girl, and an autograph session with WNBA All-Star Sophia Young.

Register for the camp here.

She's Back! After a bit of a hiatus, everyone's favorite Cavs fan Carolyn Hastings is back and putting up content on And One again. There has been a notable void while she was away and I'm glad to have her back!

Lakers! One more win and the team will be headed for the Western Conference Finals. Go Lakers!

Buck Foston
: Now is a really great time to get your Buck Foston shirt from my internet buds Daniel and George. Love it!

Speaking Of: Did you see that the Cavs handed the Celtics their worst home playoff loss ever. Aww, I'm heartbroken (not).


Mike said...

Hmmm... I heard the Celtics repaid the compliment Sunday night. Go old guys! ;-)

BTW, the Suns are shocking everybody... and they'll face the Lakers. Kobe against Nash? What a match-up that oughta be!

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, but I never report on a Celtics win. I have much more fun talking about a humiliating loss.

The Lakers have faced the Suns many times. Here's a preview of Kobe vs. Nash:

Mike said...

I don't know if the Suns can take the Lakers, but I do know this: I have heard several people who didn't expect the Suns to make it out of the first round -- and even Charles Barkley, who played on the Suns -- say that they have never seen a Suns team play like this.

The series certainly won't be a sweep. Maybe we're finally gonna see a good series!

And One said...

Hey Apryl!! Thanks for the link. I've missed blogging and my fellow bloggers more than you can know. Here's to an interesting Game 6. --C

Apryl DeLancey said...

Glad to have you back!