Friday, November 20, 2009

My Fantasy Football Team Bites

I don't really care that both of my Fantasy Football teams are stinking up the place. Sure, I'd like to win. Honestly though, there is so much that is ruled by chance that you could spend hours and hours doing the research every week and still lose. We've got a trade deadline today and everyone is trying to get my QBs in both leagues. In one league I have Matt Schaub and Tom Brady and in the other I have Kurt Warner and Matt Schaub. One proposal asked for Matt Schaub for T.J. Houshmandzadeh. As if.

The most frustrating part about Fantasy Football this year? One of the commissioners! Check this out - this person sent me a text message and bet me $50 that the Magic would beat the Lakers in the Finals. This was before the Magic even won the last game. Yeah, you read that right - I got the text before the game was even over that the Magic clinched in. At any rate $50 is the buy in for the league. They want me to pay! What the heck? Am I crazy? Is this person being unrealistic? We both owe each other $50 so how is that not a wash? I'm a little peeved about it because they have been hounding for weeks and put up excuses like "we didn't shake on it". Now I got a threatening text this morning that my team would be deleted? I thought Fantasy Football was supposed to be fun?

Am I crazy? What would you do?

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