Thursday, November 26, 2009

Give Thanks And Give Back

Yeah, the economy isn't so great and it's important to be as smart as possible with your money. You know what this means? Non-profits, charities, and those that must have fundraisers to exist are having an especially difficult time. I'm employed, have a place to live, food, nice golf equipment, 3 surfboards, and plenty of clothes. I am pretty sure I have a few bucks to spare for someone else that needs it.

Do you have plenty to give thanks for? Here are some links to those that would appreciate if you could spread some around to them:

Sponsor A Filly: The Portland Fighting Fillies are a new WFA team and they can use your help. Follow the link to sponsor a player. There are other sponsorship opportunities as well. Click over to Wendi Kali's blog and ask her how. This is the inaugural season for this team so they can use plenty of support.

Surfrider Foundation: This organization started on the beaches of Los Angeles County so it is near and dear to me. Their mission and reach has expanded so you need not be close to Los Angeles or the coast in order to benefit from their work.

Heal The Bay: Dedicated to preserving the waters in my immediate area, this organization is also close to my heart.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium: Yes, another that is very close to my heart as I spent five years of my life volunteering/working for this rescue, rehabilitation, and release facility.

Fresh Air Fund: This organization is dedicated to giving city kids a real summer vacation. You know, the kind with camping, hiking, swimming, and all those awesome outdoor activities.

These are only a few places that one can give to. I've not even covered the tip of the iceberg for deserving charities.

So today, I encourage you to give thanks and give back to those who need you.

What are some of your favorite charities?

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Lindsay said...

Well, as you know I am always donating my time (and a little money) to my local dog rescues, one in particular (4 Luv of Dog Rescue) because it tends to rescue pitbulls, older dogs and dogs that need medical attention.