Friday, November 27, 2009

High Surf Advisory My Foot

So I skipped the early morning post to get myself out to my local surf spot. I was awaken by those words that surfers love to hear pass the meteorologist's lips: "high surf advisory, 8-10 feet".


I was meeting up with two of my buds today that are just starting out so I had to choose my location carefully. One has been in the water with me a few times before and nearly took my head off with her board. I say nearly because it is one of those foam deals and that is why I am still here in one piece today. It's all good though, we joke about it. Today she asked to borrow a board so I was going to stay clear of her since it's a real one.

We got to the spot and it looked good - head high as promised. By the time we got in there were a few sets and I caught two but was really lame on them. The third one I was thinking, "This is it, I'm shredding this one!" Then I felt a tug on my leash and something ram into my foot. I turn and one of the fellas had accidentally grabbed my leash as he paddled, which caused his board to run into me. He was extremely apologetic. I wasn't mad. I asked him if he was okay and then paddled off.

Yeah, I know. Not everyone is so nice about that sort of thing. I am just not interested in having issues while I am in the water. Heck, I could be in the office today. Instead, I'm in the water. With friends. For a few hours.

Not a bad deal.

I wasn't even mad at the reports that said high surf. There were a few good sets but then it was like a bumpy lake. Oh well. It was all still better than going to the office!

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