Monday, November 23, 2009

5 Questions About Gifts For Sports Fans

I seem to get a lot of questions from people that go something like this:

"My (niece, son-in-law, friend) is a big fan of (insert sport here), what is a good gift for them?"

Being that it is that time of year when there are many gifts being exchanged I thought I would help out and make a few suggestions based on some of the questions have had in recent weeks.

1. What do I buy for a hardcore surfer?

First off, unless they specifically ask, don't buy them wax. Everyone has a particular preference and there are many types of wax so do everyone a favor and skip this one. What you can get that is both valuable to a surfer and easy on the wallet is a subscription to Surfline.

2. What would be a nice gift for a lady golfer?

All lady golfers are not created equal. Don't assume that simply because you have a woman on your list that is an avid golfer that she'll go crazy over a pink towel and tee set. Why not buy them a towel set that has a logo or activity that you know they are fond of other than golf and include a gift card? It seems more well thought out that way. The gift card can be to their favorite equipment store or to their local course.

3. My sister is a huge (sports team) fan, what's a good gift that isn't cheesy?

Cheesy would be their team shirt in the tired, old pink theme. Don't get me wrong, I have a pink Dodgers shirt and hat and a Buccaneers pink shirt also but I have many more that are the actual team colors. The NFL Shop online has some very cool styles but be careful assuming that the Alyssa Milano gear is the stuff that we all want. The truth is, unless the person you're buying for is petite and thin, many of these designs will fit poorly and annoy the recipient.

4. How do I buy my (sports fan) tickets to a game?

This can be tricky and pricey if you aren't careful. If you aren't a big sports fan yourself and haven't been to the particular venue, get some advice. While I would be grateful for Dodgers tickets in the Pavilion, the truth is I've never sat in those seats and would forgo buying for a particular game if that were all that was available. Bottom line - do your homework.

5. I'm lost - what should I buy for my (sport)-lover?

What else do you know about them? Do they have a local surf shop, golf supply, or mom and pop t-shirt shop they frequent? Why not get them a gift card there? If they are really regulars you can ask the folks behind the counter. Store personnel are a great source of information for gift-giving, especially in the independent shops. You might also try just a gift code to Amazon. They have a very large variety of sporting goods and a lot of great prices.

Good luck! What do you think is a good gift for a sports fan?


Lindsay said...

I would just have the person make me a list of stuff they want from a particular sports store. That being said, I wish someone would ask me to make a list like that from our local running store!

I think I am going to get my dad those golf ball markers you've featured on your site. I should hurry up and do that before I'm too late.

Apryl DeLancey said...

That's a perfect idea! I wish that someone would ask me for a list too!

Julia said...

It is true buying tickets for a sports event is not easy and better to take guidance on the same before jumping into it.