Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Breakers Wrap - May 11, 2008

Last night the Southern California Breakers hosted the New Mexico Menace at the Capo Valley High field. The Breakers came into the game 1-2 and ready to win again. Coach Bartley said that he felt sorry for the other teams from this point on. The team really found their groove in the road win against Tucson and will show no mercy according to the coach. He was absolutely correct. The Breakers slaughtered the Menace, 48-0.

The air was quite festive here and it was obvious that the team was happy to be on their rightful home field. This was the first of the season as the “home opener” was played on a borrowed field. Fans were treated to plenty of extracurricular action on the sideline, courtesy of Leslie Lynn and James Leone, World Champion Gunslingers. In fact, since Coach Bartley was forbidden to wear a hat to games any longer, Mr. Leone graciously threw a cap on the ground when he saw frustration on the team leader’s face.

The Menace had the first possession and were unable to capitalize. The Breakers’ defense handily showed their opponent what was to come for the rest of the evening. On the Breakers’ subsequent possession, key runs made by #28 Vanessa Santillan (RB) and #87 Suzanne “Q” Linn (FB) paved the way for a touchdown by #97 Amanda Garcia (OL). The defense continued to bring the pain, including #53 Tutu Armstrong (LB). Armstrong’s knee injury suffered during the home opener didn't look like it was slowing her down one bit. She mentioned that it feels very good and she’s able to do almost everything she wants.

In the second quarter, the dominance continued. Santillan basically ran a clinic on how to play running back as she racked up the yards and the TDs. Just before the two minute warning, #7 Lori Schnaider (QB) managed to evade what looked like would be a sure sack and completed a long pass on 4th and long to #81 Elaine Iba (WR). In spite of this, the Breakers couldn’t capitalize, but had another chance with 18 seconds left on the clock. Again, no score, but the tone had been established. The women were truly a cohesive unit and ran through the Menace defense like a buzzsaw.

The festive atmosphere continued into halftime, where attendees were treated to the South Coast Agility Team dog club from Costa Mesa. SCAT has dogs of all shapes and sizes and welcomes all to join in the fun. You can find out how to become part of the group on their website here. They engage in training and competitions throughout the year and have events for every dog.

The third quarter was a continuation of the Breakers’ synergy. The team drove down the field on the first possession of the half, resulting in another Santillan touchdown. The two point conversion was no good as it was intercepted by the Menace. On the resulting New Mexico offensive effort, key stops by Linn and Armstrong ended the possession scoreless. Later in the 3rd, #43 Priscilla Gardner (DL) blocked a Menace punt, which was quickly picked up by #84 Cindy Zimmerle (DL) for a Breakers TD. Santiallan caught the pass on the resulting two-point try. With 2:43 left in the 3rd, Linn intercepted a pass from the Menace and put the Breakers into scoring position again. On the first offensive play after, a pass interference call further moved the team into the red zone. Santillan was then stopped at the 1-yard line and then a penalty moved the Breakers back to the six. Undaunted, Santillan juked the Menace defender out of her shoes and scored the touchdown. The two-point conversion try after worked, with #35 Dorothy DeLeon (WR) making the catch.

Even in the final quarter the Breakers didn’t slow down. First, a long pass that would have put the Menace in scoring position was broken up by #40 Brenda Cash (DB). The Breakers continued to show no mercy with long runs and a touchdown by Linn. Later in the 4th, the Menace turned the ball over to #99 Hailey Hernandez (DL). Schnaider later scored on a quarterback sneak for the Breakers. Although the last Menace possession came close, the Breakers D was able to preserve the shutout.

It was an action-packed game where the team worked as a single, cohesive unit. Coach Bartley noted at the end of the game that they had stuck to their guns and got the work done needed to win. Everyone was certainly high from the feeling that a 48-0 score can give.

Next up: The Breakers are on the road next Saturday at the Redding Rage with a bye week following. The next home game is on the Capo Valley field against the California Quake on May 31st.


Lindsay said...

I love watching dog agility. :) It's fun seeing all the different kinds of dogs. Makes a good halftime show.

Apryl DeLancey said...

It was definitely cool to watch!

Vanessa said...

Thank you Apryl for your support. We all really appreciate it! See you at the next game.

Vanessa Santillan #28

Apryl DeLancey said...

It's my pleasure!

ANTHONY said...

Apryl I am so glad tohave you part of the Breakers franchise. You work is awesome! Keep up the great work!

Anthony Bartley
GM/Head Coach
Southern California Breakers

Apryl DeLancey said...

Thanks Coach! I'm happy to be with you guys!