Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Sports Wrap - May 4, 2008

This is a particularly good sports day for pro sports fans!

In the NBA - the Atlanta Hawks face off against the Boston Celtics in a game 7 that no one predicted. In fact, no one believed that the Hawks would last past game 5 at best. It just goes to show you that one can never accurately predict sports – even if it seems like an obvious choice.

The Los Angeles Lakers start round two against the Utah Jazz today. The Lakers have had many days of rest, practice, and team bonding. Hopefully they have not become complacent but are anxious to get through this series as well. Kobe Bryant will likely be showing off the skills that won him the 2008 MVP award.

In Major League Baseball – the Los Angeles Dodgers have won eight games in a row. If they win today against the Colorado Rockies it will not only make it nine straight wins, but three straight sweeps! Speaking of the Dodgers, this could be Vin Scully’s last full season. In an article in the Los Angeles Times, Scully remarks that he’s tired of travel and his wife gets a bit lonely. I’d imagine it becomes a grind to live in a hotel for days or weeks at a time when you’re 80 years old. The rumor is that he’ll likely be in the booth for home games next year but no longer on the road. I echo the Times writer’s sentiments that half a season with Vin is better than a full season with someone else. Los Angeles fans are fortunate that he loves his job enough to grace us with his commentary for so long. As his voice is one of my earliest sports memories, I’ll surely mourn the day he retires.

In the NHL - the Pittsburgh Penguins face the New York Rangers. The Pens have had an awesome playoff run and only one post-season loss.

AVP Pro Volleyball today is in Huntington Beach for the Huntington Beach Open. Bring a sweater if you’re going that way for sure, the marine layer is thick today and the temperature won’t even make it to 70°F.

Today in Sports History:

1919 – The first legal baseball games on a Sunday are played in New York. The Dodgers beat the Boston Braves 6-2 and the Phillies beat the Giants 4-3.

1966 – Willie Mays hits HR number 512.


Carolyn said...

Never knew the "blue laws" applied to sports events. Grew up in NJ dying to shop on Sundays; now all I want to do is put up my feet and watch some basketball.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I never knew either until I came across that tidbit! Here's to sports on Sundays!

Lindsay said...

I'll always be anti-Lakers for knocking the Wolves out of the playoffs so many times ... oh well, at least you have teams that actually make it to the playoffs, let alone do well!

Apryl DeLancey said...

I understand...I feel that way about certain teams myself. The Lakers did win some titles when they were still there in MN. We do appreciate you sending them to L.A. all those years ago. We've definitely enjoyed them!

Lindsay said...

Ha, that's a good point. They should've changed the name though. Lakers just doesn't make sense for California. Oh well.

Apryl DeLancey said...

You know what's funny though - a fan commented on the L.A. Times blog today that we have plenty of lakes here - I won't go through the list but I know there wasn't 10,000! I'd hate to hear what silly name they would come up with if they changed it!