Friday, May 16, 2008

Running and Triathlon Season

The weather is warming up and running/triathlon season is now in full force. There are a number of events around Southern California in May and June especially. A comprehensive listing can be found at LAS&F Magazine for upcoming events. You can also stop by a Top to Top store or other runners source for literature and other information on triathlons and marathons. For example, tomorrow has:

The Bakersfield Triathlon starts at 9:00 am has a 1.5K triangular swim at Lake Ming, 40K bike, and 15K run. This event also has a kids course, short course, and team events.

The Palos Verdes Marathon, ½ Marathon, and 5K run at 5:30 am includes a Race Expo, entertainment, and many prizes.

Sunday is the Playa del Run #2 in Santa Monica at 9:00 am with a 1000m swim and 5K run. You can participate in one or both events.

Also on Sunday is the XTERRA West Championship at Vail Lake Resort in Temecula that starts at 8:00 am. There is a 20,000 pro purse and several other pro and amateur events. The triathlons are a 750m swim, 15K mountain bike, and 5K run; a 1.5K swim, 30K mountain bike, 10K run; and a 3K run, 15K mountain bike, and 5K run.

Sunday also has the L.A. Tri Series #2 in San Dimas. This also has two events: a 1K swim, 40K bike, and 10K run or a 300m swim, 13.5K bike, and 4K run.

Next Saturday, May 24th is the 30th Annual Tough Topanga 10k in cooperation with the State of California Parks and Recreations. This event also focuses on the recent decision by Governor Schwarzenegger to close over 40 state parks in California. You can find more information here about saving this park from the proposed budget cut.

Saturday, May 31 is the Family of Schools 5K Fun Run/Walk that starts and ends on the Loyola Marymount campus.

Also on May 31 is the Admiral’s Cup Triathlon in Pt. Mugu. The ocean swim, flat bike, and run course consist of a 400m swim, 9 mile bike, and 3 mile run.

And those are just events for the remainder of this month. As I mentioned, June is also full of marathon and triathlon events all over Southern California. I’m trying to get into decent shape to enter the event in Long Beach in October. I’m not really a runner, but a brisk walker. In school, when I did participate in track or swimming I was a sprinter that was very fast for a short distance. Even though I cannot keep that for long, I can walk or float/swim at a slow pace for nearly endless amounts of time. My goal is to enter and finish a short marathon. I know I won’t be exceptionally fast, but training and participating will be very worthwhile.

Some other resources for marathons and running I have found are:

Why not try one yourself? There are many different levels and some that you can take children on as well. No time like the present to get in shape!


Lindsay said...

A triathlon would be pretty cool. I have never done one. I think I need a better bike first. I'd like to try an adventure race, too.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I'm going to work up to the triathlon for sure. I'd also like to try an advanture race!

Patricia said...

I'm always amazed at how tri-athletes manage to go from one activity to the next almost seemlessly. That video give give one an idea of the organization it takes. wow.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, I know! I can't wait to work up to try it myself.