Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wild World Of Wednesday - April 21, 2010

Here we are - another Wednesday and another wild day. I know I sound like a skipping CD (or broken record, for those of you familiar with vinyl) when I say that I'm trying to get caught up. That's going to be part of my re-examination exercise next week.

My week off the "day job" is also going to be filled with surfing so that is really on my mind right now. Yes, I will be hitting the range and the course as well. How could I not? I'll be continuing my quest for a yoga studio as well, although I did score one DVD so far for free!

P.S. Even though I am incredibly busy, I have been totally sticking to my TTUC health and fitness goals.


Lindsay said...

I think everyone is busy right now! Thanks for continuing to post almost every day!

Apryl DeLancey said...

Thank you Lindsay! And yes, I think now nearly everyone is much busier with more to do in less time and the same (or reduced) pay!

I need to catch up with your posts, I've seen some great topics come through on my reader. I even have a guest post in the brain somewhere that I need to send you.