Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Masters Week Blogspotting

Yep - Masters week is upon us. Much of the country views this as the "official" start of the golf season. I'm lucky enough to live where golf is year-round so there is much less hype since we aren't just thawing out or warming up for the first time this year.

To get warmed up for the event this week, read this interview with my friend BJ. He's an Augusta local and undoubtedly getting busy this time of year.

Vince will be talking about this all week, without a doubt. I know he'll have some predictions up soon.

Wei Under Par has lots and lots of Tiger's return to golf covered. Lots. So does Trailing Tiger. Mike has plenty to say about Tiger also.

Even though he isn't playing this week, Heather has plenty of John Daly coverage. It's pretty hysterical.

Personally, I'm rooting for Phil this week. I'm always rooting for Phil. Call it lefty bias, call it SoCal native bias - whatever it is, I got Phil. Dude seems to get lots of criticism for whatever he does. Oh well, for all I know he's a real tool in person but I'm still a fan. Last week he did something that he was actually praised for when he brought a special caddy on for a few holes at the Shell. The caddy was actually the physician that was treating his wife and mother for cancer. Good one, Phil!

Enjoy the Masters, golf junkies. I'll catch as much as I can but try to actually be outside as much as possible and not cooped up indoors in front of the television. In fact, I'll be hitting the range for lunch today. I've blocked the calendar and am going. Period. I've got to work on my game!

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