Monday, March 22, 2010

5 Questions Rewind: The Homeless World Cup

It has been some time since I've talked about the Homeless World Cup. For those of you that have not heard of this organization, start reading and clicking the links:

My first interview with the group

Interview with some regional coaches and some success stories they shared with me of individuals that have participated in the HWC.

2009 Champs press release

You can even be a volunteer for the 2010 HWC in Rio. How awesome would that be? I'd love to get to this event or at least by the 2011 in Paris.

Check out the current rankings for the 2010 teams.

One day, I'll find the time and $$ to get to the HWC to volunteer and cover the event live!


Jeff said...

Hi Apryl,

Ed here again - just found your blog and like it. I love everything sport and Footie, hockey, bball, and mostly golf are all interests of mine. I look forward to commenting on your entries and even getting to talk about my loves - thanks for the outlet. I do have one too, but it is mostly golf related.

I play with many women over the age of 50 and they can click it out there 200 yeards - so you are probably doing it...nice!!!

Flexibility from the quartozone may be allowing for further drives...yipee!

Is there any way I can see your interview post haste???


Apryl DeLancey said...

Thanks Ed! I'm so excited that you are a new fan - welcome!

And yeah - I probably don't give myself enough credit on the course. I struggled so long with a nagging injury that the recovery effects are such a surprise and delight!

Which interview are you referring to? If it is the HWC simply click the hotlink. Otherwise shoot me a link and I'll get up what it is you're asking for!