Tuesday, March 2, 2010

999 Questions On The Rules Of Golf

I was delighted to receive the book 999 Questions On The Rules Of Golf by Barry Rhodes. Barry is in today's video discussing the rules of golf along with Andy Brown.

Barry's bio states that he was the first person to achieve a 100% correct mark on the public Advanced Rules of Golf Course examination that is run by the PGA. The part I really love about his information thought is what states that he is "an enthusiastic, high handicap golfer". So am I!

The 999 Q&A are laid out in his book in three sections. The first are described as simple rules that every golfer should be familiar with. Section two is filled with more difficult questions for both casual and more serious golfers while the third is filled with more advanced knowledge. Each of the three sections is further broken down into True or False, Open Answer, and Multiple Choice sections.

The book is quite easy to read and I am almost done with the first section. Each question is a descriptive situation with the answer, rule citation, and an explanatory note. For example:

A ball is unfit for play if its surface is scratched or scraped. True or False?
Answer: False. Rule 5-3
Note: A ball is unfit for play if it is visibly cut, cracked, or out of shape. Scratches or scrapes do not render a ball unfit for play.

In addition to his book, Barry also maintains a blog concerning the rules of golf. A recent post that I found of particular interest was on loose impediments. He goes very in-depth on this page, complete with diagrams.

To find Barry's book watch the video above for the information or you can order a signed copy here. This is an excellent addition to your golf reading library.


Vince Spence said...

Thanks, Apryl...

Barry does a marvelous job on the rules. His book is like a 'coffee table' book rather than a text book or the actual USGA/R&A rule book. You can pick it up, read a few rules (with explanations) and put it down smarter (at least about the rules) than you had been just minutes before...

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yes, you definitely put it down a bit smarter! I'm really getting into it myself.