Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Beef With Packaged Food

Recently I ranted on about how annoyed I was at a particular packaged food brand commercial. People slammed me (anonymously, of course) for making comments about one of the spokes-models and completely missed my beef with packaged foods.

Now, let's cover this once more. I am not a physician. I don't really think my credentials or education should be used to validate my opinion either way. It's my opinion. We are all entitled to our opinions and beliefs, right? Good.

Oh yeah, and I never claimed to be perfect.
However, if you're a regular reader then you already know that I am pretty active and have never complained about my weight or appearance. I'm working on increasing my endurance and overall health right now with the TTUC.

Now that we have that out of the way:

I think NutriSystem, Eating Right, Weight Watchers, and all of those packaged foods are crap. Period. For me - frozen, processed, and chemical-laden "food" that comes pre-packaged is not edible. Eating one of these plans alone will not make you look like one of the models in the commercials. There is so much more work you must put in to get anywhere close.

That said - if one of these programs works for you, AWESOME!

I completely understand that some people need a system like this. I am not knocking that. I support your effort to improve your health 100%!

Once you start one of these "diets" - why not change your life to actually eat healthy? By eating healthy I mean fresh fruits, vegetables, meats (if you eat them), grains, beans, etc. Sure, it takes a bit of extra effort at the beginning but I bet you can incorporate it into your day. Trust me, a few extra minutes here and there are easier than you think.

Tune in tomorrow and I'll share some ways I've found time to eat healthier and what I have been eating.


Lindsay said...

I totally agree with you and have been really trying to stay away from all the processed crap that's so convenient to buy, prepare and stuff my face with.

I'm a sucker for Kraft mac n cheese.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Convenience is a BIG factor for everyone and difficult - but not impossible - to overcome!