Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wild World of Wednesday - July 22, 2009

Ready To Scream: If I have to hear a focus on the age of an athlete or competitor one more time I just might scream. Seriously. During the Olympics there was Dara Torres. More recently we followed Tom Watson and his performance at the British Open. Let's not forget Brett Favre that is pushing 40 also.

Okay, first of all, 40 is not that old and 60 is still too young to call it a day. I'll bet Dara has trained and maintained a healthy lifestyle for decades. I'll also bet that Brett Favre can run circles around a majority of 20-somethings and that Tom Watson can out-drive a lot of hacks much younger that I see on the course all the time.

Sure, it's easier to be at your peak in your 20s. Most of the folks I see in their 30s and 40s that use age as an excuse are simply lazy. Really - the path of least resistance can be so convenient. I sure don't plan to get out of shape and lazy in my 40s, 50s, 60s, or at any time in my life.

Double Standard: A double standard in sports? Say it isn't so! Diana Taurasi did a really stupid thing by drinking and driving. Unfortunately many seem to think she's being held to a different standard than the fellas. I'm still trying not to lose my lunch over the people that are begging for Michael Vick another chance. Hmm...wasn't he already a first round draft pick? It sounds like he had a pretty fair shake already. What do you think?

Get your sports history fix at In Historic and read about Sonny Liston's win on this day in 1963. Today In Sports History says that Nick Faldo won the British Open on this day in 1990.

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Lindsay said...

I've always kept in mind that many of the best marathoners are in their 30s, 40s or 50s. When I go to races, there are plenty of people in their 20s or younger, but there are also a lot of "older" people who typically know what they're doing out there and are passing the younger runners. I just tell myself that I'll get faster as I get older, too. Or at least maybe I'll have better endurance.