Friday, July 17, 2009

Miscellaneous Rants And Whatnot - July 17, 2009

I'm feeling a post that is part Blogspotting, part Tales From The Inbox and all whatever comes together. Come along for the ride and you might see something you like.

Men In Kilts
: Heather from Real Women Golf has been spotted with a few gentlemen in kilts and has lived to tell about it. Surely this must have to do with her newly-appointed position. You go, Heather.

More On Surfari: Although I don't see it on their site yet I did get notice that Shayne McIntyre will be hosting another On Surfari screening on July 25. The events seem to be moving up the coast so I'm hoping they make it up here to Venice again. More info as I receive it.

Speaking of Surfing: Don't forget that the next Life Rolls On event is tomorrow in Zuma Beach. The two events after will be on the East Coast and the group returns to SoCal on September 13. Check the website for more details.

What To Wear? While you're at the beach you can sport the latest bikinis from Fighter Girls. They've introduced a new Brazilian cut in pink and white.

Follow Friday: If you're an action sports fan and have a Twitter account you really should be following @espnxgames. Seriously.

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