Saturday, July 18, 2009

Which Open Are You Watching

Today there is more than one Open Championship event taking place.

First, the Hurley US Open of Surfing is happening in Huntington Beach. There is a local calendar that tells you the heat schedule as well as one that is on the event site. If you aren't already there the beach is most likely already packing up even though I am writing this at 7:15 am PST. Get there soon.

Next, how can I overlook golf's Open? Although there is much focus on the leader, Tom Watson, many are abuzz with the news that Tiger Woods didn't make the cut. However, John Daly did make the cut and good for him! He seems to be back on the road to success. What I find interesting is that two-time winner Padraig Harrington isn't much of a threat. I'm scratching my head at the fact that after he won twice he decided that he needed to change his swing. Why fix what isn't broken? I've seen others do this with similar challenging results. Personally, I stick with the tried and true. If something works I will wear it out until it no longer does. Am I nuts?

Which Open are you watching this weekend?

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