Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wild World of Wednesday - October 22, 2008

MLB: The World Series starts today in Tampa. The buzz claims that it will be dull and receive very low ratings. Really? So it isn’t worth watching unless the same teams are there every year? Is everyone writing this opinion from Boston or New York? I think it is great to see a new team in the Series. Setting aside my obvious slant toward the Rays - why is it a ratings nightmare to have a team that had an atrocious record the previous year go to the Series? What happened to pulling for the underdog or rooting for the “little guy”? One player on that team in New York makes a bigger salary than the entire Rays team. How is that dull? Has everyone just become sheep? Everyone just wants to see the same 2 or 3 teams every year? Wake up and think for yourself, folks. Really.

NBA: I still can’t believe basketball season is here. What is quite amusing is that the Lakers website can’t spell the player names right. I wonder how long they’ll leave the typo "Jordan Farmer" up? I’m sure plenty of Lakers fans will notice and email them. I hate when I have typos and I certainly am not perfect but I know the Lakers website is a much bigger operation. Tighten up! (Yes, I am being a bit sarcastic…)

Golf: Tiger Woods was back at Torrey Pines this week as a caddy. A lucky golfer won a contest to have the world’s best cart around his clubs. Tiger didn’t actually physically carry the clubs but drove them around in a cart. Any way you slice that, it is still an awesome thing. I’d be hounding the man for swing critique and tips the entire time.

Today in Sports History

1939 – The first NFL game is televised with the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Brooklyn Dodgers (Yes, that is the team name and not a typo – look it up! They later became the Brooklyn Tigers before disbanding completely.)

1973 - Ichiro Suzuki is born today.

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Thank you to all who entered the 5 Questions Contest! I appreciate all of the feedback and realize just how shy you all are since most all entries were via email!


Lindsay said...

Ha! We should've left our answers in the comments. I actually would've liked to read what others said. But I went and emailed mine just like everyone else. Ha. Oh well.

Hey, would you consider doing a post where you summarize the feedback you got? I'm kind of curious. Maybe everything was just too different that it would be hard to generalize it, though. I don't know.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Totally - I'll throw in some of my favorite comments! There were several echoes of your answers.