Thursday, October 16, 2008

In Mourning

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew that the Los Angeles Dodgers actually making it to the World Series was too good to be true. On the 20th anniversary of the very day the famous Kirk Gibson home run was hit the season is over. Argh! I’m really not surprised. The Dodgers will always be like that – you know, like that relative that promises to show up to your birthday every year and never does. They are my uncle that swears he’s gonna bring me a cake and we sit there and just wait but he never shows up…

Okay Mr. Frank McCourt, you listen here. First of all, BRING BACK MANNY RAMIREZ. Let me just be clear about that – BRING BACK MANNY. You know the guy with the hair that can hit the daylights out of the ball? Don’t be a total chump and let him go. He belongs here. While you’re at it – make sure Rafael Furcal, James Loney, Russell Martin, Matt Kemp, and Jeff Kemp stay too. Don’t be tempted to trade away Andre Ethier or Blake DeWitt either. Keep Brad Penny, Jonathan Broxton, and the whole bullpen while you’re at it. In fact, don’t get rid of anyone that has made a name here in Los Angeles. Don’t trade away all of the good players just to fund that freaking mall you’re building at Chavez Ravine to squeeze more money out of the fans.

A colleague tried to tell me that I should be grateful that they came this far. Whippee. So what? They made it to the NLCS. Sure, it is admirable. It is nothing to be unappreciative of. But for crying out loud, let’s keep the momentum. Build a team. We deserve it. You get record-breaking attendance all the time. We show up to the stadium and buy the merchandise. WE DESERVE A WINNING TEAM. By winning I mean the entire thing - not just a good record and appearance in the playoffs. Why can’t the Dodgers be the elite franchise? We don’t want to wait 100 years or anything like the Chicago Cubs.

That said - congratulations to all of you Philly fanatics. Shane Victorino is actually a class act as much as that sentence makes me want to hurl as I write it. The Philadelphia Phillies are in the World Series. I’ll only be watching if the Tampa Bay Rays make it in. Seriously, I’ve already mentioned how absolutely boring I think a Phillies – Red Sox World Series would be. Yawn.

Go Rays!


Doret said...

I think Utley and Rollins are nice as well. Though I am still pulling for Rays to take it all. The Brewers used up C.C. arm, I wonder how he is going to do next year. Totally off topic but did you catch any of the MNF with Giants and Browns? What was up with the numbers on the Browns helmets it looked tacky or like some homecoming art project.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yup, I am totally for the Rays going all the way!

I missed most of MNF this week since I was working and flipping back and forth to baseball. I know the Giants didn't exactly have a great game.