Saturday, October 11, 2008

Golf Cross – Yet Another Creative Way To Play Golf

Blogger extraordinaire Carolyn from And One sent me this little tidbit a while back and I am finally getting to post it. I’ve seen people do variations on the wonderful game of golf such as faster, farther, shorter, etc. Carolyn found the story of Golf Cross over at the blog Brain Blenders. Here’s what they had to say:

"Golf Cross originated from New Zealand, due in a large part to the fact that the natives didn't have the room, or the course management capacity to make original golf work. So, develop a game that doesn't take smooth fairways and pristine putting greens - hello Golf Cross. The key is the new golf ball, and net. The ball is oblong, like a rugby ball, and instead of putting into a hole - you chip into a net. Apparently the ball flies straight and true. Lean it to the left in the special tee and it goes left, right and it goes right, etc...People are juiced about a game that involves the mechanics of golf without all the difficulty of spin, shanks, and otherwise tedious ball control."

The oval ball is the key to the game and the Golf Cross website describes it this way:

"When you play with the oval GolfCross® ball you’ll be playing with a genuinely smart ball which, despite appearances, is actually more aerodynamically stable than the round one you know so well. Amongst other things it will enable you to:

1. Hit the ball straight every time.

2. Perform controlled slices and hooks with ease.

3. Adjust the degree of fade or draw you require.

4. Generate backspin — even with a wood or out of the rough.

5. Apply top spin to achieve long low running shots and,

6. if you really want to show off, do double curves and play tunes."

I’ve looked for this in other places than New Zealand but have only seen websites for it in Scotland. Let me know if you find it or have played it. I always enjoy trying a new sport!

Thanks for the info, Carolyn. You sure have a nose for sports news. Please visit her over at And One and you'll see things you've never imagined about basketball. Oh, and lots of LeBron James.


Lindsay said...

Sounds easier than real golf! I'd like to give it a try sometime. Plus I like that it's shaped like a mini rugby ball :)

Apryl DeLancey said...

Ha! That is exactly what I thought it looked like. I'd really like to give it a shot.

The Dreamer Prince said...

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Apryl DeLancey said...

Thanks for stopping by, Dreamer.

Tim said...

I played a few holes of this in New Zealand about a month ago. They aren't kidding, the ball really does fly straight every single time. It does exactly what you tell it to, lean it left - it goes left. Amazing. Great fun and I recommend it.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Nice! Thanks for the info.