Monday, February 28, 2011

Review: Kikkor Golf Shoes

Although I missed the PGA Merchandise Show this year the cool folks at Kikkor Golf didn't want me to miss out on their cool style. Talk about being stoked!

I just got my pair of Retra - Purple Bornelle delivered today. They look even better in person than I had imagined. Seriously!

Not only are they super comfortable but they are incredibly cool looking. I can totally identify with this brand image as I'm not your everyday golfer. Yeah, I'm that golfer that has a more modern style, especially that I'm much better of a surfer than a golfer. Sure, you'll find me wearing some funky vintage styles but the emphasis on the funky! These fit right in with that style as they have that look of a retro running shoe.

I can't wait to get these babies out on the course. Now I've got a really good excuse to get out there this weekend. Woot! Woot!

I have to thank the guys at Kikkor for hooking me up with this sweet pair of kicks. Also, a shout out to my bud Rob for his awesome video that he took at the PGA Merchandise Show this year that I stole from YouTube for the top of this post.

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