Thursday, September 17, 2009

Time To Go Blogspotting

Have you visited Chicks in the Huddle lately? There are many more chicks covering more teams and even talking some smack back and forth. Just in time for the NFL season.

What does the One-Eyed Golfer think about a recent public outburst? Go visit the link and see.

Speaking of golf, I thought I was the only nut that wiped off her tee and then stuck it in her hair between shots. Not so - Heather at Real Women Golf does also.

I really love Waggle Room's rant about overpaid players. Tell it!

One more golf blog - go check out Ruthless Golf. Mike also has an ebook that you can buy called Ruthless Putting that I really will get to reviewing here soon. Really. Promise.

Did you know that Nathaniel Curran is your bro? He is.

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