Monday, September 7, 2009

5 Questions For Labor Day

1. Why are you sitting on the computer?

2. Are you merely browsing online before heading out?

3. Isn't the weather nice enough to be out of the house?

4. What do you think I will be doing today (hint: it involves water)

5. What are you doing today?

I hope you are getting out to the beach to surf, the course for a round, or the lake for a session. You can also pick up on sweet deals today on equipment regardless of your sport. If you surf in the Venice area check out Rider Shack and if you're in the South Bay stop by E.T. Surf. Rider Shack has a holiday sale happening and E.T. always does price matching and has a great selection.

Enjoy your day!


LifeandGolf said...

Apryl, I am on the computer..but that was after 18 holes of golf! I did browse around before my round but only lightening keeps me off the course. No worries today - weather is fabulous in Florida. I see you're going surfing (boating/ water skiing/ swimming) Hope you had a great labor day.

Hang ten!!!

Apryl DeLancey said...

Ahh, yes...I LOVE that Florida weather you have. I need a Tampa/Miami fix soon! I'm glad you got out for 18 Art! I caught a few at Zuma before it got really crowded so it was a great day for me!

Lindsay said...

Well hear I am a week later just sitting here on my butt. The weather is gorgeous, and I need to get outside for a walk with the dog.

But is it OK if I sit here a little longer if I stay on your site?

Apryl DeLancey said...

Since I know you're active you are excused.