Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wild World of Wednesday - June 4, 2008

Who cares about what happened earlier this week? I can’t wait until tomorrow! The NBA Finals! Woohoo! I’ve had some ill wishes left for me and the Lakers on my ESPN fan profile but who cares! The Lakers’ season has been extended and they have a truly viable shot at the title! We shall see what the outcome will be. Many of my fellow bloggers have written some excellent commentary about the series and have more to come:

LA BallTalk has in-depth analysis and will again be hosting live blogging events from each game. If you haven’t taken part in a live posting party I would highly recommend it. Everyone is there for the same reason - to talk about the game live as it happens. Great points and new friends are made all of the time.

With Malice claims that Chuck Norris is picking the Lakers to win in 5 games. I always knew Chuck was the man in spite of what anyone said! Go Chuck!

Club Lakers is chock-full of Lakers content in case you just can’t get enough. There is nothing about the team that this site does not cover.

Even Afraid of Ed Hochuli has good things to say about the NBA because of the historic Lakers-Celtics matchup. I’m waiting in anticipation at what the pick will be…

In Historic gives an overview pre-Celts win to get to the finals. The comparison of what was going on a year ago to now is given.

Le Basketbawl is waiting to make a prediction but promised to do so…

Basketbawful has a whole series on the worst of Celtics-Lakers. As of this writing there was five parts already.

You can also find some science in basketball as they have over at And One.

So let’s just bask in the glory of the day before the finals start. The trash-talking is all ramped up and everyone has a prediction. There are crazy comparisons and even crazier reasons why people are making certain picks. Starting tomorrow, the tension mounts with Game 1.

If you know of any other cool stories/links/blogs out there with great finals coverage, let me know. Mine is extremely slanted over here on the West Coast of course.



Lindsay said...

It will be exciting!

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yes, I've already planned my outfit for tomorrow!