Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wild World of Wednesday - June 18, 2008

The U.S. Open was amazing, wasn’t it? I watched the playoff between Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate on ESPN 360 on Monday and it was as good as golf gets. What a great story either way – I couldn’t choose who to root for! On one hand, you’ve got a guy that is ranked way down in the 100s that has never won a major. On the other hand, you’ve got the World’s Best Golfer in Tiger Woods that is in his first tournament after knee surgery. Before everything started I picked Tiger to win in the Srixon forums. Some of my colleagues scoffed at this prediction. (By the way – if you aren’t a member of the Srixon True Players forum just shoot me an email and I’ll tell you how you can be. It’s a pretty cool spot to visit and they have contests and giveaways frequently.)

Speaking of golf, I just got my issue of Golf For Women today and it has some good tips from Annika herself and a big spread on fashion. This also reminded me that June is Women’s Golf Month. It seems as though women’s golf is starting to gain more attention – probably since there are so many of us that play. In fact, when I was at a recent demo day at my local Roger Dunn the Nike rep told me that the company was going to start focusing on women much more since they’ve basically ignored us for so long. I have noticed more Nike products for women lately when I’ve been in the pro shop.

If you were looking for a different sport to follow then check out the Ultimate Frisbee Tournament in Shanghai is on Friday. I’m not sure how much athleticism is involved since every picture on the site of the events seems to show the participants with what looks like adult beverages. Either way, it looks like a blast – thanks for turning me on to this one Carolyn.

I need something to keep me from getting depressed about baseball for sure. I read somewhere that in order to be in the post season the Dodgers need to play at something like .650 for the rest of the season. Nice. Thanks guys. I’m going to be ill. At least we can still vote for Russell Martin to be in the All-Star Game.

I’ve completely neglected mentioning the Euro 2008 even though I’ve been passively following it. There are still games through the end of the month so check them out.

Speaking of soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo of Man U fame and likely the best soccer player in the world is making headlines. Supposedly, he wants to play for Real Madrid, or is it Inter Milan? The latest is that the two Spanish clubs are fighting over him. A lot of fans have said that his talent would be wasted at one of these clubs and he should stay with Manchester United. Personally, I’d like to see him stay in England also. He as great in the Champions League, even though his missed shot at the end of the final game almost cost the club. If you missed that one, it was great! The score was left in a 1-1 tie but Man U prevailed over Chelsea 6-5 in the penalty kicks.

Today in Sports History

1962 - 62nd US Open won by Jack Nicklaus with a score of 283 at Oakmont Country Club.

1976 - ABA merges with the NBA to become one league. The ABA’s 4 successful teams (Nets, Pacers, Nuggets and Spurs) are now in the NBA and the others shut down for good.


Lindsay said...

I don't follow golf at all, but that sure sounded like an exciting round of golf! Who knew golf could get exciting?

And, a drunken ultimate frisbee tournament... how could you go wrong there?

Apryl DeLancey said...

A lot of people are saying that about golf now! I'm also looking for the Frisbee team in my area after reading about this one!

Monica 08 said...

I want Cristiano Ronaldo to leave Manchester United. He has reached his peak professionally, at least at Club level. I'm still waiting for him to shine like that with the Portugal national team.

It's time for new challenges. Yes I saw the Champions League final too! How could I not? My favorite club Chelsea fc, favorite player Carvalho in the starting lineup. And I like seeing Nani play and do those backflips.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I'd like him to come to the U.S. and bring our soccer up to a new level if he's going to move! He's still young, there's time. Nani is awesome also and don't forget Rooney, he's pretty darn good as well.