Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Notes On Golf Style

I was reading one of my favorite golf blogs recently – Golf Girl’s Diary – and she had a post about cargo shorts on the course. This simple question of whether one thought the style belonged on the course or not garnered a veritable plethora of comments! Golfers felt very strongly about this fashion statement – both women and men. Later, Golf Girl pointed out a cool retrospective on golf style from Time Magazine. After that, I heard even more golfers discussing the whole thing about style at the range, course, pro shop, and everywhere else.

This all inspired me to test out the topic for myself. I wrote a neutral post about style for my weekly contribution at Golf WRX. Sure enough, this post has attracted more comments than my usual articles for the site. In fact, this site is one that discussions usually happen in the forums but I’ve seemingly struck a nerve with the subject and the comments keep coming. Bottom line – it seems as though fashion is at the forefront of the consciousness for golfers regardless of gender.

Alright, I am not going to magically turn into Patricia “Golf Girl” Hannigan and start blogging about style as my main forte. She does a fabulous job of it and certainly doesn’t need me putting my two cents in. You see, my golf style is a bit different than my blogger buddy’s. For example, she’s got that really cute bag in green and white with pink accessories and mine is…well…let’s just say the color scheme of mine is called “punk rock”. I’ve got that cool Ogio Edge bag with that fun print from a season or two ago. There’s nothing pink on it either. Don’t get me wrong – I like pink and it looks good on me. I even have a pink LPGA polo. It’s just that most of my golf attire just happens to be black, white, or grey.

What can I say? It’s that action sports part of me that keeps me from looking like a Brooks Brothers ad. I’m not alone. My Golf WRX post got a comment from Chris Roberts at 13th Green. This company is geared more toward golfers like me. I was a surfer, skater, and skier long before I ever picked up a golf club. Chris’ comment on my post was:

“I think golf is ready for the change that is here. Remember not long ago Aspen would not let a snowboard on the mountain, yet the X Games were just held there. Change = Progression. Now I do not believe in the “trash the course with your golf cart” guy that is more interested in a drunken stupor that sinking a long putt. But who wants to wear their grandpa’s shirt just because the course says you need a collar? Have your own style and bring it to the course. Follow the rules but never conform…unless of course you just like to be a follower. In that case you just don’t “get it” anyway. Check out 13thgreen.com Your Source Fore Style On The Course. HAVE SOME STYLE!!”

Well said. So I dropped him a line and asked him to tell me a bit more about the company. They’re completely online and are based here in Southern California. Chris wrote back and said:

“The whole idea behind 13thgreen.com is that we want to see people bringing their own style to the course. Just because you’re out playing golf, doesn't mean you have to wear some other style that you’re not used to. I believe in following the rules, I mean don't go to the course looking for attention, but just relax and feel comfortable with being yourself...not who somebody else thinks you should be. We are from an action sports background (i.e. Surf, Snow, Skate, Moto, Wake, etc.) and we feel like wearing styles that reflect that look and feel. We also love to golf and want to be comfortable while doing so. Stuffy is no fun. As they say "The only constant is change" We hope you and yours like our direction. Our target market is the action sports guys and gals that also love to golf.”

No wonder I like their style. 13thgreen.com carries Pahr 72, an awesome “trendy” label that has great fashion for everyone and Radioactive Golf Footwear.

Another very cool label in SoCal is Continental Golf Wear. I spoke to Hayes Grothe here who told me the whole inspiration behind the line is the 1960s Lincoln Continental car. Indeed, they had one at their big spread during the golf show in Long Beach earlier this year. Taking cues from that era, their line has a very cool throwback style that looks sharp. At this time they only have men’s, but Hayes assured me they were constantly working on perfecting the launch of their women’s line and should have items out by next spring. They’ll start with polos and headwear. In addition, they will soon launch their custom fitted pant program. With this you’ll be able to pick your fabrics and cuts and have a pant made to your measurements. Sure, this is available elsewhere, but Continental will do it for a more affordable price. Expect to see this in the next two months.

And, of course, I can’t mention SoCal golf style without mentioning Tattoo Golf. I often sport my baseball cap from this company when I’m out on the course and I use their tees and divot tool. It’s that cool skull and golf clubs logo that got me.

As far as the mainstream goes – I have Puma, Addidas, and Nike mixed in my golf wardrobe. Oh yeah, and I’m even guilty of some Ralph Lauren items in the mix. Puma is hands down my favorite “mainstream” line. I’ve tried Ashworth and some of the other traditional lines, but being 5’10” I find that their shirts are all cut a bit too short for me. I prefer not to have what I’m wearing turn into a belly shirt when I hit the ball. There is a time and place for that and, for me; it’s not on the course.

So what is your golf style? Are you traditional? Are you an action sports lover that now plays golf like me?


Lindsay said...

I love Puma and Adidas. I was thinking I should pick up golf just because wherever you go there is always a golf course nearby.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Totally - I take my clubs everywhere. Plus, golf is a great icebreaker in a lot of cases I've found!