Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lord Stanley's Cup

Another NHL season has come to a close with the hoisting of Lord Stanley’s Cup. The Detroit Red Wingshave won over the Pittsburg Penguins in six games. The Pens should have been out in the last game but managed a score in the last minute (actually 35 seconds) of the game to stay alive. Unfortunately for them, no one gave them a shot and they were correct.

So this brings me to ask – did you watch? Did you care? As much as I love hockey, it’s hard to get into when I don’t care about the teams. Of course, by “care” I mean have some sort of emotional investment or admiration. I can justify to myself rooting for any California or Florida team rather easily. I guess I feel the same about the NBA Finals. Of course, I’ll be watching that this year! I’m sure the “powers that be” are happy that the Finals are going to be between the Lakers and Celtics also since these teams have a big following. (Oh, and by the way – I don’t believe in trash talking about the Finals. I prefer to either gloat afterward or not sound like a bonehead if they don’t come through. I would rather the gloating, of course.)

I thought the Red Wings had a big following too? It really is a shame that more people don’t get into hockey. It really is a fun sport to watch – especially live! Why not give it a chance next season? The seasons are long so there are plenty of opportunities to watch.

On another note...

Yes, I am a total dork today in my Lakers garb today. I have on my uncle's 81-82 championship tee in faded gold on with a purple shirt layered underneath. I think I'm going to explode with excitement!

And since we missed it yesterday...Today in Sports History...

1927 - Johnny Weissmuller sets both 100-yard and 200-yard free-style swim records

1977 - 31st NBA Championship: Port Trailblazers beat the Philadelphia 76ers by 4 games to 2

1993 - 63rd French Womens Tennis: Steffi Graf defeats M J Fernandez (46 62 64)


Lindsay said...

I actually want boston to win, because I am a Kevin Garnett fan, mostly because he played for Minnesota for so long. And the Lakers ALWAYS beat Minnesota in the playoffs.

Apryl DeLancey said...

It's ok - I still think you're cool!