Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rip Curl G-Bomb Wetsuit FAIL

What happens when you splurge and go ahead and pay for the $300+ wetsuit? In my case, you get incredibly disappointed.

At the end of last month I bought the Rip Curl G-Bomb 4/3 wetsuit. I liked the fit more than my other suits and was quite cozy. After less than 2 weeks of wear, the zippered stash pocket on the left leg's zipper broke.

First of all, this was an absurd spot to have the stash pocket in my opinion as it hit right on the left calf. It seemed to assume that the wearer wouldn't have any calf muscle and wouldn't be a lefty. Unfortunately for me, I do and I am.

Rip Curl has had my suit since last Wednesday, November 9. They claim a 48 hour turnaround. Yesterday was the 16th and I still have no suit. I contacted them on social media and they had someone get back to me that promised my suit would be back yesterday.

This is a major mess. It's bad enough that OEMs don't make wetsuits for women that actually surf but now I'm out $300 and the water just keeps getting colder.


Mike said...

I smell a business opportunity, Apryl. "OEMs don't make wetsuits for women that actually surf..." Perhaps a woman who DOES surf is the "man" for the job. ;-)

Apryl DeLancey said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence - someone's gotta do it!