Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Gift Idea For Golfers

Full disclosure: The Photo Ball Marker people are incredibly nice and have sent me their products for no charge over the last year or so. In fact, when I lost my precious bloodhound they sent me an awesome PBM with his picture. They rock. They haven't asked me to write this post but I am because I think it's a great gift. Buy some!

Photo Ball Marker makes a great gift for the golfer in your life. All you have to do his follow this link, upload your pictures, then place your order. In fact, if you click one of my links here or click through the ad on my sidebar you can get $5 off of your order.

PBM has expanded recently as well - instead of only hat clips or magnets you can get necklaces, keychains, and brooches! I totally wear my PBM button and necklace rather frequently. I've got PBMs for my golf buds too and everyone digs them. How can they not, you're in control of the design. They're your pictures! I always get compliments on the course when I'm sporting my hat clip.

Check them out today and give them a follow on Twitter. Like I mentioned, they're really nice people. Really! Plus, you can get these for non-golfers also! Just order the keychain, necklace, or brooch!


Photo Ball Marker said...

Apryl, thank you for the kinds words and mentioning our new changeable magnetic necklaces, key chains and brooches. They make a terrific lasting holiday gift.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Thank YOU for all the fun PBMs! You guys are awesome!