Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wild World of Wednesday

Halfway through the week and there is more sports news than I can keep my little fingers typing about!

Yesterday, the PTI guys were talking up a storm about the Barry Bonds to Tampa rumor. Blogs in the Sunshine State are abuzz with the possibilities. This will be fun to watch!

What is up with Jim Rome’s beef with soccer? Yesterday he claimed that he was wrong about NASCAR and horse racing and they’re OK to watch now. But soccer, nope – he says he’ll never like it! Did he get an online betting sponsor that needed him to reverse his decision on the other two? I’m just wondering…

And in honor of Mr. Rome…the match between Juventis and Torino went scoreless but ended with a bit of excitement. Torino’s Paul Nedved got a red card in the 90th minute for pulling the hair of Gianluca Comotto – right in front of the referee! In true NFL punter fashion, Comotto grabbed his head and went flailing to the grass.

And there seems to be talk that golf is actually declining in popularity. Apparently whoever said that has not been to a course or shop in Los Angeles County. Around here, I can barely get a spot at the driving range. Of course, if we are headed for a recession the fun things like golf and other leisure activities can suffer.

Oh yeah, and Floyd Mayweather is headed for a bout in the WWE ring. I guess that is the logical next step after his "Dancing With the Stars" appearance last year.

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