Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shaolin Soccer Movie Review - rent this sports movie!!

If you have never watched a Stephen Chow film, you are missing out! I was first turned on to him with "Kung Fu Hustle" and was an instant fan. Last week I was fortunate enough to see a screening of his latest film, CJ7, and it was equally impressive (Opens March 7, 2008 in NY and LA). This was an especially awesome screening since Stephen Chow and Jiao Xu were there afterward for a Q&A session! One question that was asked of Stephen Chow was whether there would be a sequel to "Shaolin Soccer". He replied there wouldn't since he does not have the copyright! I was then reminded I had not seen this film so I promptly rented it.

You must rent this! If you are a fan of Chow's it has all the necessary ingredients. Funny, over-the-top human ability coupled with tongue-in-cheek situations. The characters are all overdone and you'll recognize many of them from his other films.

You'll want more, so go see "CJ7" if you can on March 7th and rent "Kung Fu Hustle". According to IMDB there will be a "Kung Fu Hustle 2" released in 2010.

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$uperstar said...

All the characters in Shaolin Soccer completed each other really well. The "Shaolin Kungfu" song at the bar was one of my favorite scenes. If you love Stephen Chow's humor, you may also want to see "God of Cookery" 食神